Lizabeth Flood


      "Lizabeth Flood is a remarkable artist indeed.  She brings true joy, both personally and musically, to all who are fortunate enough to hear her memorable performances."    ~ Norman Scribner,  Former Musical Director and Founder of the Choral Arts Society of Washington

"A unique blend of composer, pianist and vocalist.  Lizabeth has nothing but good music to share."   ~Larry Willis, Jazz pianist, composer

"Flood's vocal stylings will take your breath away.  she sounds so fresh, like no others...a  polished gem."   ~ Donald Adderton , Sun Herald                                      

 "The musical sounds of the sirens in mythology lured ships to shore -Lizabeth's music was that and so much more..."  ~Joe Louis Lucio, owner of Antipasto's, Boulder Colorado

"With influences ranging from Annie Lennox to Laura Nyro to Dinah Washington, and lyrics that bring to mind both Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, this dark, yet sexy music will ring true to anyone who has experienced a broken heart."  ~Hal Greenwald

"More dramatic than Jule London...Lizabeth is pure aristocratic virtuosity that transcends time, space and beauty"   ~Marquis de Rochambeau                                                   

"To me, the quintessential piano player is one who lures me to my favorite neighborhood envelope of peace descends upon me...Lizabeth Flood"   ~Jean-Keith Fagon, The Hill Rag

       Berlin Germany - " A silky, deep, warm sensual voice echoing inner feelings emanating from the  intimate and forbidden, the desired and the untouchable, from the earthy whispers of lovers and adventurers to the palpitation of a dreaming soul is what you feel, see, sense, taste and hear upon listening to Lizabeth Flood.  Half celestial Diva and half Femme Fatale."   ~Erica Soderholm, World Art Celebrities Journal         

"Lizabeth...she was a good actress in her day."  ~Anonymous