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Flood of Emotion ~ This is Lizabeth's first CD of twelve original songs.  This recording has two thirds of the Shirley Horn trio playing on it.  The great Steve Novosel on bass and Steve Williams on drums, plus the wonderful Ron Holloway on saxophone.  Lizabeth recorded with Ron on his CD, Groove Update, on Fantasy Records.  Larry Willis produced this project, and his arrangements are beautifully shown on this CD. flood- of- emotion/id194682885 

Swimming in the Rain  ~ This CD showcases Lizabeth's piano, vocals and compositions which range from jazz, tango reggae, rock, swing pop, a capella, a children's song, and a Celtic lament.  The songs are uplifting and speak to the emotions of everyone from the age of 2 to 92. Produce4r/arranger/engineer/bassist Jim Robeson has been nominated for two Grammy Awards.  The string arranger for "Nothing" is none other than Larry Willis, internationally renowned jazz pianist.  Guitarist Mike Lessin is Lizabeth's talented brother, and last but not least, Charlotte Lessin is guest vocalist on "GodBeams"' and Lizabeth's niece.

Lizabeth Live  ~ " The process of recording Lizabeth Live at the Marquee Lounge appears to be a labor of love for Ms. Flood.  Based upon the warmth and sheer measure of her voice, Lizabeth goes above and beyond the usual complement of most singers.  She brings a style that is sexy and smooth the ears of those who hear her. Those individuals unfamiliar with her talent are deeply impacted as well.  Overall, this third release by Lizabeth  Flood is a nice response and tribute to the works of some of America's finest composers and arrangers.  The original tracks she provides are extremely complimentary to her abilities as a composer.  Nowadays, quality vocal jazz is a difficult commodity to come by.  When someone comes along with the skills and talent of a Lizabeth Flood, it is an event worth a listen."  ~Sheldon Nunn, Jazz Review

Love's Too Risque  ~  This is Lizabeth’s 4th CD and a labor of love.   Sitting in the studio with Blake Althen at Human Factor in Arlington VA was quite an experience.  Most of the songs were done with a computerized orchestra, sound clips and fun, funky beats.  Benjie Porecki added his organ to Vagabond Heart, while Blake played the guitar on many tracks  as well as Mike Lessin, and Gerard Moreno. A Music Video was filmed using the title of the CD, Love's Too Risque.

Holidaze ~  This is a wonderful Christmas CD featuring the very talented niece of Lizabeth, Charlotte Lessin, who was 16 at the time of the recording.   Charlotte is now married and 25, with a budding  musical career of her own.  She arranged and played on most of the tracks.